How It Works

BiCell Blue is a histopathology image database maintained by BiCell Scientific. BiCell Blue is also a social platform for certified users to post histopathology images.

Paid viewers can download snapshots of images from BiCell Blue by using the "Snapshot" function. There is no limit to the number of snapshot that viewers can download.

BiCell Blue allows certified Blue user to post image data of antibody annotation on tissues and cells. To become a certified Blue user, please email us a description of your research experience and achievement, as well as your experimental model and approach.

BiCell Blue can perform routine and special histological stains as well as immuno-fluorescence and immunohistochemistry on cryosections or FFPE sections of fixed tissues for customers. BiCell Blue can perform whole-slide scanning and store digitized images of scanned tissues in BiCell Cloud for customers.

Customers can select the histopathology service of BiCell Scientific and submit fixed tissue samples or paraffin blocks.



Customer support can be reached at customercare@bicellscientific.com.

Technical support can be reached at tech@bicellscientific.com.

To become a BiCell Blue certified user (Blue user), please email us at admin@bicellscientific.com.

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