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BiCell Blue by BiCell Scientific®

BiCell Blue is dedicated to antibody annotation of human and mouse proteome in cells and tissues. BiCell Blue aims to map every protein with subcellular resolution in freshly frozen or FFPE tissues using antibody based labeling and imaging techniques.

BiCell Blue recognizes that a comprehensive database of protein expression and localization on the subcellular level in the form of histologic image preserves the vital information of protein expression and localization in the context of subcellular to cellular architecture for research and future therapeutic development. BiCell Blue utilizes the latest slide scanning technology from Nikon Instruments that enables high-resolution scanning with 20x or 40x microscopic lens and image stitching to generate a panoramic view of the entire tissue section.

BiCell Blue utilizes the antibodies made and validated by BiCell Scientific®. BiCell Scientific® researchers have discovered that short-peptide antigens (13-19 amino acids) allow developing polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies with specific and bona fide binding to target proteins in their native conformation. Because the structural length of an antibody binding site spans 8 amino acids in a target protein, short-peptide antigens contain a limited number (often <10) of potential binding sites. This feature is particularly important for developing “precision” antibodies with improved binding specificity to suit high-resolution applications, such as immunohistochemistry studies that require undenatured proteins to be recognized in situ among millions of other proteins.

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